Sand-Rich flexible stone waterproof overlay system Sand-Rich Flash Video Seams Perfect underlay system for the overlay industry Rubber Decky, flexible waterproof overlay system for patio to rooftop
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Decorative Waterproofing & Coatings

Our "PerfectPrimer" for Overlay Systems - Now install your high quality overlay systems with less surface prep! This universal primer/sealer reduces or eliminates the need to grind, etch or remove existing flooring.

Rubber Decky EPDM-F waterproof concrete resurfacing & roof deck coatingClick for Video

RubberDecky (EPDM-F) Liquid Overlay - The World's Easiest and Most Economical Resurfacing System! Flexible waterproof overlay system for patio to rooftop. Great for flat roofs, terraces, balconies, patios, foundation walls... Adheres to virtually any substrate, including wood, tile, membrane, etc.
SandRich - Flexible Stone Decorative Waterproof Overlay System. Adheres to virtually any substrate. Ideal deck resurfacing system for flat roofs, terraces, balconies, patios, etc. The most beautiful of concrete decorative floor finishes... the ultimate concrete floor repair!
PerfectPrimer Waterproof Membrane- Concrete Sealer, Primer, Waterproofing, and Concrete Crack Repair Isolation all-in-one. This liquid applied, fabric reinforced waterproof membrane and flashing system is the perfect underlay for your overlay system!
PerfectPrimer Crack Repair- Fast and easy concrete Crack Repair.

Download PerfectPrimer Crack Repair Cut Sheet

IronBack® - Rust Conversion and Encapsulating Coating. The only rust converter, encapsulator and paint primer in one! Use this unique, "Green" state of the art coating to ready all rusted and Iron surfaces for painting, without first grinding or shotblasting.
SlabTight® -Shield - Water-based Vapor Barrier and Primer for concrete. The easy solution to cure expensive problems typical to concrete on-grade applications such as: water vapor transmission, hydrostatic pressure, dusting, and efflorescence.

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