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Epoxy Floor Applied Over Asbestos Glue



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Epoxy Floor Applied Over Asbestos Glue

The contractor has cleared a floor of tile.This exposed black mastic everywhere that contained asbestos.

Rather then hire an asbestos abatement contractor, or grind the floor, he uses an easier and  more effective, approach.

First he cleans the floor by  lightly sanding it to remove the  loose glue, and then vacuuming. There is no need to disturb or grind off the asbestos.

We see the contractor mixing some color pigment into the white Perfect Primer to make it a color that compliments the chips he will be applying later, then applies it directly over the entire floor, and residual black mastic glue. You can use as many coats as you want, but only one even layer is necessary.

Typically, concrete is very porous and when you put epoxy straight on it would sink right into the pores and give it a honeycomb-like look. Since he applied perfect primer first, it seals he pores, so the epoxy didn’t get absorbed into the pores, leaving a smooth, ready to coat surface.

After the primer fully cures, he applied a clear epoxy coat, He chose not to tint it for this project but could have. The contractors hen spread mica flakes to saturation into the epoxy coating to give the floor a more textured look and feel to the room while adding strength and beauty to the floor..

Once dry, her applies a clear, protective top coat to the entire floor. He uses a n epoxy but you could use a urethane as well depending on the project needs.

Perfect Primer in this video enabled  the contractor an easy and effective solution for converting this 3500 square foot warehouse floor quickly. Because there was no disturbing of the asbestos mastic, this is a dustless surface prep, no grinding, no mess, solution that meets all compliance and regulatory requirements. Unlike mechanical or chemical removal and prep, this is a complete, real solution when dealing with asbestos, lead coatings or PCB laden concrete.