Removing asbestos yourself


Asbestos was once a popular material in the construction industry mainly because of its insulating properties. However, its use was banned in 1977 by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Despite this, many homes built before this still have asbestos.

If your home has asbestos, you may be wondering how you can remove it without hiring an expensive contractor. Asbestos is harmless when left undisturbed. However, the removal process can be tricky. This is because it can result in the formation of asbestosdust. The spread of asbestos fibers in the air has been linked to the development of various respiratory conditions.

The first step to removing asbestos is ensuring that the material really does contain asbestos. You will not only have to inspect the material but also have it tested to ensure that you’re dealing with asbestos.


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Once you’ve confirmed that you’re dealing with asbestos, you should prepare the room for the removal process. This may include ensuring that the windows are wide open to keep the space well ventilated. You may also need to remove all furniture in the space. Keep in mind that DIY asbestos removal is legally limited to areas of 400 sq. ft or less. For reference, that is a room 20’ x 20’ in size.

You should ensure that you wear personal protective gear for the removal process. This should include a face mask. This will help to protect your lungs in case of the formation of asbestos dust during the removal process.

Be sure to select a removal process that does not involve disturbing thecontaminated surface. A good example is sealing the contaminated surface. This will ensure that no dust is formed while protecting the residents of the home from exposure to asbestos. This method of asbestos removal is great for the DIYer as it does not require any specialized equipment or skills.



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