Easy, powerful, way to bond epoxies and decorative concrete to any surface, without grinding


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Winner Best Product of 2009, CMP Magazine Readers Choice Award
Prep surfaces in one step for less with PerfectPrimer.
If you’re looking for a universal floor primer/sealer, you can’t go wrong with PerfectPrimer, the complete floor prep system. PerfectPrimer forms a powerful molecular bond with every coating and any clean and sound substrate including modified cement, sealed concrete, cut-back glue, roofing materials, metal, wood, ceramic tile, masonry, VCT, linoleum and masonry
What makes PerfectPrimer the best choice?
Not sure if PerfectPrimer is right for you? PerfectPrimer is the best choice if you want to:
Eliminate the need to grind asbestos and lead coatings 

  • Cut your prep time by 90%
  • Reduce the cost of demolition
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Improve the waterproofing of your floors
  • Ensure overlay consistency
  • Improve adhesion
  • Fill and reduce hairline cracks

With PerfectPrimer, you can do what previously seemed impossible or impractical. PerfectPrimer will help make your work easier.
What makes PerfectPrimer Different?
PerfectPrimer, buy a single product and for a variety of surfaces.
Green: PerfectPrimer is non-toxic. Keep your construction green with this environmentally friendly product.
Proven Product: Buy a product you can trust. PerfectPrimer has been at the forefront of the industry since 1999.
Ready to use: You don’t have to be a pro to get great results. PerfectPrimer comes ready for application. No mixing is required. Tint and apply.
Versatile: PerfectPrimer can be used with a variety of products including urethane, epoxies, and acrylic.
Easy Application and Removal: PerfectPrimer can be easily applied by brush, spray or roller. If you mess up, clean it up easily with water.
Why PerfectPrimer is the Best Choice for your Surface

  • Strong bond

Forms molecular bond with surface for improved adhesion

  • Saves time and money

Reduces time and money required for surface preparation and completion of the project

  • Improved waterproofing

Provides durable waterproofing and seals cracks

  • Seals out moisture¬†

Reduces loss of moisture and ensures even drying

  • Versatile

Can be used with a wide variety of coating systems

  • Complete encapsulation

No need to grind surfaces with lead or asbestos. Completely encapsulate silica dust, asbestos and lead surfaces for improved safety.
Reduces cracking, balances pH and overlays delamination

  • Less surface prep

No need for water priming, neutralizing or acid etching

  • Affordable

PerfectPrimer is an affordable surface sealing/priming solution.

  • Strong bond

Forms a strong bond to high fly ash and high alkali concrete mixes

Perfect Primer

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Prime, Don't Grind

Bonds Your Decorative Overlays and Coatings To Every Surface

  • Proven Results-1999
  • Non- Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Mixing Required
  • Cut Surface prep time by up to 90%!