Protects Overlay Systems, Concrete and Paving Stones One sealer to brighten and protect all masonry. Reduces concrete “dusting”

Top Sealer
A masonry sealer that you can use on a wide variety of surfaces. Top Sealer is a universal masonry sealer that can be used on various overlay systems, paving stones and concrete. You don’t have to get a different product for different projects. Rely on a sealer that is proven and trusted.

What is Top Sealer?
TopSealer is a flexible water based, acrylic-urethane protective sealer. It is recommended for use as a sealer for the RubberDecky and Sand-Rich systems.
What makes TopSealer Unique?

  • It protects surfaces from damage by harmful UV rays.
  • It is a water based system that is free of VOCs. This makes it safe for use indoors and outdoors
  • It does not yellow. You get a satin finish that you can enjoy for many years to come.
  • It completely seals the surface and prevents moisture from penetrating through on either side. This prevents moisture problems such as mold growth.
  • It is resistant to most chemicals, making it a great choice for use in just about any room.
  • Is resistant to abrasion therefore ensuring that you can enjoy the smooth satin finish for many years to come.
  • You can achieve great results with single as well as multiple coat applications.

Tips for TopSealer Application
TopSealer is an easy sealant to apply. You don’t require special equipment or prior training or specialized skills to get high quality results from the application.
TopSealer comes ready for application. You only need to mix the sealer for about 30 seconds prior to application. Ensure that you avoid introducing air into the sealant when mixing it. Trapped air can cause the formation of bubbles when applying the sealant.
TopSealer can be applied to surfaces using a ½” or ¾” roller. Ensure that you move the roller slowly and in smooth strokes over the surface. This will reduce the chances of bubbles forming under the final coating.
You can also use a bug sprayer to apply the sealant. This helps to achieve an even coating without bubbles. If you make a mistake, simply use soap and water to clean up.
Apply at least two coats for better results. The second coat should be applied only when the first coat is dry. The sealant requires at least 24 hours to cure.
Avoid using TopSealer when the humidity is above 75%.
Store material to avoid freezing
Don’t allow the sealant to puddle.
TopSealer allows you to use a single sealer to protect many different surfaces.


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Universal Masonry Sealer

Protects Overlay Systems, Concrete, and Paving Stones

  • One sealer to protect many surfaces:
  • Masonry, Concrete, and pavers
  • Natural and manufactured stone
  • Sand-Rich and RubberDecky systems
  • Decorative concrete, and more

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