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Please call us at 718-736-8477 or email us at to place an order. We will contact you by phone to advise you of shipping charges. Upon approval from you we will collect and process your credit card information.

For questions about your order, please call us at 718-736-8477

System costs (Typical approximate):
SeamsPerfect Primer $0.30 SF

SeamsPerfect Underlay (Reinforcing & Waterproofing membrane)
$2.00 SF
SeamsPerfect Stand-Alone Waterproofing Membrane $2.75 SF
RubberDecky (without waterproofing membrane) $2.25 SF
RubberDecky with waterproofing membrane $3.25 SF
Sand-Rich + SeamsPerfect (without waterproofing membrane) $4.75 SF
Sand-Rich + SeamsPerfect complete system $6.50 SF

*All SeamsPerfect applications act as a primer for overlays.

No Tax on out of state orders. Shipping not included.
Note: Solid colors and custom color aggregate blends available upon request.


Sand-Rich Link liquid vinyl sidingwaterproof membrane
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