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Liquid Applied, Fabric Reinforced, Flexible
Waterproof Membrane System

by Specialty Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.


The Only Way to Truly Waterproof Flat Roofs, Coping Stones,
Parapet Walls, Metal Roof Decks, Terraces, etc., and...

SeamsPerfect After

This terrace is now smooth & ready for skim coat!

The Perfect Underlay Membrane for Concrete Overlay Systems...

anywhere you need a seamless, flexible, waterproof application, SeamsPerfect concrete repair techniques are the ideal waterproofing base for all concrete decorative finishes


  • Seamless, Perfect
  • Virtually Heightless
  • Lightweight
  • Brush or Roll on
  • Flexible Yet Tough
  • Water Cleanup
  • Liquid Applied
  • Increases Profits
  • Saves Time
  • Minimizes Labor
  • Reduces Call-back Repairs
  • Easy to Use
  • Needs Only One Skim Coat
  • Integrates with Overlay System
  • Seamless and Flexible
  • Quick Cure Time

flexible seamless membrane

Close-up sample of cured membrane with embedded
fiber mesh.

Reduce Labor Steps!

Download PerfectPrimer Cut Sheet

SeamsPerfect Base Coat is more than just a membrane, it is the only complete underlayment system specified for the concrete overlay industry.

This liquid applied, seamless, flexible acrylic membrane patches substrate cracks, assuring they will no longer telegraph through to the surface, minimizing costly customer call-backs.

Unlike putty or epoxy, SeamsPerfect Base Coat attaches and integrates seamlessly with itself, specialty concretes, and with sealers. It moves, bends and breathes making the substrate and overlay systems act as one.

These patented products, tested and used worldwide, are now available to the American market.


SeamsPerfectBeforeWEB.jpg - 25209 Bytes
concrete overlay membrane system

Before: Several layers of existing
material are removed.

Application: Embedding fiber mesh as Seams Perfect Base Coat is simply
applied with a brush or roller.

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