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CMP Magazine Readers Choice award, Best Product of the Year


Prime, don't grind. Cut surface prep time by up to 90%.


What is PrefectPrimerPat? The universal coatings primer that adheres your coatings to almost any surface, minimizing floor grinding and surface prep time.

How does it work? Brush or roll PrefectPrimerPat on to any cleaned surface, such as cut-back glue, sealed concrete, ceramic tile, VCT, epoxy, masonry, carpet mastic, etc. Then, apply your acrylic, urethane, modified cement, polyurea or epoxy system directly onto the primer as usual. ur proprietary blend of proven resins and nanotechnology bond the substrate, primer and coatings seamlessly together as one.

What makes it unique? PrefectPrimerPat reduces costs, increases profits, and enables you to do easily jobs that would otherwise be impractical or impossible.

When is it used? On any job to cut prep time, reduce demolition, waterproof, ensure overlay adhesion to difficult surfaces, or repair cracks.

How does PerfectPrimerPat save time and money?

  • Maximizes profits by minimizing prep time, grinding, labor, and expense.
  • One-step primer bonds many surfaces to most coatings and overlays.
  • Eliminates the need for disposal of soy gels, and grinding debris.
  • Combines with Polytex fabric for fast, permanent crack repairs.
  • Forms the only waterproofing membrane specified for overlays.
  • Adheres to high-alkali and high fly-ash concentrated concrete.
  • Balances pH, reducing cracking and overlay de-laminations.
  • Replaces the need to water prime, acid etch, and neutralize.
  • Applies with brush, roll, or spray. Cleans up with water.
  • Creates consistent adhesion across entire substrate
  • No mixing required. Comes ready to use. Tint-able.
  • Provides faster customer return to service time.
  • Non-Toxic, and environmentally friendly.

painted concrete floor

Before: Painted concrete floor

outdoor tiles patio terrace

Before: tiled patio

exterior wood decking stubstrate waterproofing

Before: Exterior wood decking with waterproofing membrane option.

cut back glue floor primer

Before: Cut back glue floor

seams perfect roll on liquid overlay primer  system

PerfectPrimerPat is roller applied over any surface -

SeamsPerfect underlayment for overlay systems

Completed PerfectPrimerPat Application - The substrate is now ready for your overlay

  • Use indoors & out
  • Substrated & overlay bond as one
  • No odor, noise, or mess
  • Primer, prep, & waterproofing membrane in one!
  • Specified for all overlay systems

cut back glue floor

Before: Cut back glue - an overlay contractor's worst enemy - until now. With PerfectPrimerPat, no more grinding, mess, and back-breaking labor!

After: PerfectPrimerPat. Faster prep time means more profits and more time to do more jobs!

PerfectPrimerPat "One Product, Many Solutions."

Download SeamsPerfect (PerfectPrimerPat) Installation Guide
Download SeamsPerfect (PerfectPrimerPat) Cut Sheet
Download SeamsPerfect (PerfectPrimerPat) Datasheet

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