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Sand-Rich™ Flexible Stone Concrete Resurfacing

Sand Rich roofing decking concrete overlay system

Decorative Overlay Waterproof Roof Deck System

Specialty Solutions Manufacturing, Inc

Sand-Rich™ is a unique flexible, waterproof overlay system designed for roofs and decks, transforming them into attractive, usable walking areas, while stopping destructive leaks! Great for flat roofs, balconies & terraces, pool decks, patios, shower areas, parking garages, etc. A beautiful decorative finish for concrete floors. Sand-Rich applies over virtually any substrate - the ultimate in concrete repair!
Sand-Rich terrace
  • Attractive
  • Seamless & Watertight
  • Fully Adhered
  • Strong Yet Flexible
  • Saves Energy
  • Use as a Cool Deck
  • Virtually Heightless
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Adheres over any Substrate Including Tile
  • Apply as a Safetey Traction Coating Over Any Surface
  • More Practical than Pavers
  • European Technology Proven Over 30 Years
  • Custom Colors & Patterns
  • Withstands rapid climate changes and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Protects against rust and Ultra-violet damage
  • Allows substrate movement
  • Maintainable
  • Increases traction
  • Won't crack or split
  • Won't rot or dry out
  • Withstands ponding
  • Ideal for concrete floor slab repairs

 flexible overlay system

Sand-Rich™ shown here applied
to a bendable surface, to
demonstrate product flexiblity.

Sandrich Sand Rich Sand-rich

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application process

Flash Video of Completed Jobs

Installation Process (HTML Version)

Sand-Rich color samples

Color Samples & Tech Info

Contractors, learn more about how you can become an authorized dealer/installer. Training sessions are currently forming. Call (718)736-8477 or e-mail us for more information.
NOTE: Also available, seamless systems to waterproof and reinforce parapet walls and coping stones

Sandrich Sand Rich Sand-rich



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